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Chevak is an Alaska Native community located in Western Alaska. It is surrounded by tundra and all of the secrets the tundra holds. It is also located on a river hosting several species of salmon each spring.

English and Cup’ik are the primary languages spoken in this community of roughly 1100 people. Many of the locals subsistence hunt, fish and gather throughout the year to provide for their families. One of only two Cup’ik communities in Alaska, the residents of Chevak are passionate about their language, traditions and heritage.

Chevak is a very progressive community with several grocery stores, a new health clinic, and in the summer of 2017 road improvements were made supported by AVCP and the Chevak Corporation.

Travel to Chevak is by air. Flights route from Anchorage to Bethel (the hub) and then to Chevak. Generally flight length from Bethel is 50 minutes. Carriers usually fly 207’s or Caravans to Chevak making the trip quite comfortable.

The Kashunamiut School District serves all of the Chevak students. In this PK- 12 school there are 360 students. A staff of approximately 60 school employees meets the needs of all students. Everyday students are served breakfast and lunch.

Chevak’s reputation is extremely positive in Western Alaska. The people are welcoming and friendly. They welcome the opportunity to share their culture and enjoy talking about their history and values with visitors. A group of dancers in Chevak share their dances throughout the year and are one of the best native dance groups in Alaska.

A walk through Chevak is all a visitor needs to feel the pride of Chevak residents in their culture and their community.

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Nunaput Atlas

In November 2022, videography experts from the organization See Stories taught a classroom of Chevak sixth graders videomaking skills to make short videos for the Nunaput Atlas.

Sea Week

Sea Week is an annual culture camp for students of Chevak School in Chevak, Alaska. High school students are brought out onto the land to camp on the tundra with their teachers, elders, and peers. There they "learn by doing" about harvesting and preserving wild foods, and about the values that underpin their Cupik way of life.