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Welcome to Chevak School

Welcome to the Kashunamiut School District in Chevak, Alaska! We are thrilled that you have chosen to visit us and learn about our school district, our programs, our staff, and our students.

In the Kashunamiut District, we take pride in all that we do in our schools and in our community.  The  Kashunamiut School District provides high quality education while encouraging excellence in our students.

August Calendar

Aug 11:  Welcome back in service for all teachers and staff

Aug 12:  Service success for all all staff

Aug 13:  In-service success for all certified elementary certified high school

Aug 14:  Service success for all all staff

Aug 15:  Professional development high school Donna Gunn

Aug 18:  First day of school

Aug 19:  Sea Week begins!




Some of our great students & teachers!

Abe Nash

June Tuluk

Susie Friday-Tall

Tristan Bell

Paniyagaq Ayuluk

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